Bill Abramson, a recognized pioneer in CAD/CAM and PLM technology and a former career executive at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, heads an executive team, with over 75 years of industry experience. We have offices in North Carolina, Florida, New York City and Montreal. The Abramson Group offers tactical and strategic solutions for a very wide range of enterprise requirements.

  • Abramson CAD/CAM Technology, a member of the Abramson Group offers a full range of CAD/CAM and PLM skills over a full range of fee structures. Our staff ranges from highly effective and competent novices at highly aggressive rates to highly recognized world class experts with critical skills. Our enormously expanded range of products and services include the FULL domain of Dassault applications and all of the major PLM applications.
  • GP Collaboration and Management Services offers full access to an international network of friends, tactical and strategic. We have organized private, specialized and highly focused meetings between peers of enterprises with needs to dialogue pressing issues. We worked as part of the leadership team to create executive conclaves, congress and conferences. To this point, we teamed with Longview Advisors in organizing the Collaboration and Interoperability Congress, a highly renown executive meeting. We also organized, on request, technology briefings that alert an enterprise’s leadership and technical teams regarding new marketplace developments. We do this through webinars, webcasts and on-site seminars. The focal points of these events are to identify, explain and clarify the new technology while discussing their benefits, risks, deployment issues and potentially where they could fit into the way you do business.